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Illustrations and call outs for the recent Wild West themed Artstation Challenge. 3D was used to build up the environments and then I painted over the block out in photoshop.

5 Bells – A prohibition distillery hidden in an old mission church.


End of the Line – An old, broken, and flooded train yard. The natives attempt to keep the spirits confined to the area.


Process can be found here:

Recently took some time and did a game jam with a friend of mine; Jason Cavnar. We worked on a small, fast paced, two-player competitive game where each player attempts to push the other out of the ring while also dodging hazards that try to eliminate the player. Below are some of the assets I made for the game.

If you would like to play Shoving Match you can download it here for free.

This was my entry for the Beneath the Waves Prop challenge over on Artstation. I tried to create props that would reflect a small group of scientists studying minerals and elements occurring on and near the hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean.TableRender.jpg

Atlus Holo-Station. A multi-use table meant for meetings and meals, the Holo-Station has top of the line holographic technology to easily visualize any data.


Engineer Veligati’s Homemade Scanner. When Atlus’ top of the line tech can’t seem to figure out strange and potentially dangerous minerals escaping from the thermal vents, its time to go back to basics.


Atlus Deep Sea Diving Suit. The layering process is perfect for maintaining a normal body temp.


Atlus Hydro Thermal Electric Generator. Atlus has improved upon the common hydro thermal generator to allow the underwater science base to be completely powered by the thermal vents on the ocean floor.


Atlus Handi-Fin. Made specifically for Dr. Slontz, this diving apparatus allows handicapped divers to maneuver more easily in the water. By sensing the subject’s nervous system signals the subject can take control of the Handi-Fin’s swimmerets to get around.


My entry for the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Golden Ticket Challenge on Artstation. This is probably one of the more technical illustrations I’ve ever done and overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Brief: Hundreds of creatives look to Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn to find inspiration, learn more about the industry they work in, network, and share their experiences. This year THU has decided to celebrate the diversity of this international community of creatives with the Golden Ticket Challenge! This year’s theme is: THU Clans. Each different nationality and individual bring something unique to the community we like to refer to as “the Tribe”; a different perspective, a new vision, an interesting context, or a cultural twist. It’s time to look at your “clan”, find what makes you YOU, and celebrate it! The idea is to create a visually compelling image that values and enhances your clan’s personality based upon your shared cultural heritage. Look back to your collective origins, realize what influenced your art, and share it with the global THU Tribe.

3D Block in:

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 1.41.05 AM.png

Render with character sketches:

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1.01.53 AM.png