I was lucky enough to get to go to Europe with some friends last week.  Despite the complete lack of sleep and total havoc that it wreaked on my legs, it was by far the best vacation I’ve ever had.

Among my favorite things that we visited and saw, was the Louvre.  It’s one thing to see art on a screen, in a textbook or just talk about it in class, but to see it in person is mind altering.  I’ve always complained and sort of cursed myself for making my pieces so large (the largest being 8′ by 4′), but I’ll never complain about my works again after seeing the giant history paintings there.  40 feet long and 20 feet tall makes my biggest look like a newborn next to an elephant.  Just something about seeing the work that others have done before you and how much care they put into something can be really inspiring.

As of late, my work has been lacking in the effort and care areas.  Part of it might be the fact that it’s my last year in school and I’ve been feeling a bit burned out, but this trip to Louvre has been re-energizing.  I actually have the will to work on my pieces and portfolio.  Hopefully, this site will have a lot more work on it very soon.


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